• Women for

    Bernie Sanders

    We are a small grassroots group of women and men who have made it our purpose to let the voters know why Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for women and their needs.



  • Mission, Goals and Plans


    We are committed to sharing information about the best presidential candidate for women: Bernie Sanders. It is our mission to encourage voters to consider the many women's causes that Bernie champions--including and beyond traditional women's issues such as fair pay and reproductive freedom. We exist to 'get out' the women's vote to elect Bernie Sanders as the next president of the United States.


    We are volunteers who believe in the transformative power of politics. We are mothers, daughters, brothers, and sons who support legislation for the betterment of women's lives. We are grassroots organizers who seek to inform the public about the best presidential candidate for women, Senator Bernie Sanders.

    We are affiliated with the nationwide group The People for Bernie Sanders. In addition, we work with individual state groups that represent Women for Bernie Sanders on a state to state level and they assist us with outreach and messaging.


    Our goal is to get out the women's vote for Senator Bernie Sanders in the primaries/caucuses and then in the general election. We will distribute and share information to show why Bernie Sanders is clearly the best choice for women. That information will include:

    • Expanding Opportunity and Equality
    • Environment
    • Education
    • Criminal Justice Reform
    • Wealth & Income Inequality
    • Safety Nets
    • Financial regulation
    • War & Peace
    • Healthcare for All
    • Immigration Reform
    • Campaign Finance Reform
    • Family Values
    • Worker’s Rights


    We will conduct research, organize on-the-ground outreach, and utilize social media to inform the public of the many reasons Bernie Sanders is the best candidate for women.

    As Women for Bernie Sanders and its affiliated state groups, we will circulate information in the following ways:

    • Visual Communications, which includes video, memes, and graphics, both online and offline
    • The use of social media platforms to share articles, news stories, and interviews that highlight Bernie Sanders as a candidate whose policies are beneficial to women
    • On the ground outreach, including the distribution of campaign materials and our own brochure and flyers


    The tools we utilize to achieve our goal include our social media platforms:

    In addition to social media we also utilize:

    • Our Research Team
    • Our Outreach Team
    • Our Writing Team
    • Resources from other affiliated groups such as The People for Bernie Sanders
    • Websites that catalogue his voting records and stances on various issues
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  • Our Team

    Pat Downs

    Co-Founder, Facebook Manager

    Pat is a retired librarian who's spent the last 20 years leveraging resources and community building in libraries. She's created award-winning jobs and volunteer programs for foster youth and teens. A writer and trainer, Pat is a co-founder of Women for Bernie Sanders and is currently serving as their main FB administrator.

    Jenni Siri

    Co-Founder, Digital Director, Website, Graphics

    Jenni is a freelance graphic artist with a BFA in Visual Communications. She is a political activist with primary interests in women's rights, environmentalism and getting the money out of politics. Jenni is a co-founder, organizer and graphic artist with Women for Bernie Sanders.

    Brenda Bierens

    Founding Member, Instagram Manager

    Brenda is a wife and mother from Wyoming, Michigan. She has been an activist for Autism insurance coverage for all 50 state for over 8 years. Brenda is a founding member of our team. She manages our Instagram and is a Michigan Women for Bernie Facebook page administrator.

    Gretchen Leavitt

    Founding Member

    Gretchen is a single mom living in Michigan with her young son. Her passion is fighting for childhood cancer awareness and research, single-payer healthcare, and income inequality. She previously volunteered for Dennis Kucinich in 2008. Gretchen is a founding member and is our former Tumblr manager..

    Portia Boulger

    Founding Member, Social Media Director

    Portia is a grassroots activist who has fought for unions, women's and human rights for over 40 years. She is active in national and statewide politics and serves on the Ross County Democratic Party executive committee. Portia is social media team leader for Women for Bernie Sanders and runs their Twitter account.

    Laura Harrington

    Founding Member, Google+ and Pinterest Manager

    Laura Retired after 35 years from HP as a systems architect . Since retirement she has been actively volunteering as Webmaster & Social media coordinator for her local Massachusetts lions club where she has been recognized with the highest award, the Melvin Jones fellowship. She currently manages the Women for Bernie 2016 Google + and Pinterest pages.

    Anoa Changa

    Research Team Leader, FB State Admins Coordinator

    Anoa is an Attorney in the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan area. She is the proud mother of two. Her interest include social and environmental justice, women's rights, and mentoring. Anoa is the Research team leader and the Facebook State Administrators Coordinator for Women for Bernie Sanders.

    Marcella Bell

    Volunteer Coordinator, Data Entry Associate, Email

    Marcella is a recent college graduate with a specialized degree in business administration. She is an activist for equal rights, the LGBTQ community, and getting money out of politics. Marcella serves as the Volunteer Coordinator for Women for Bernie Sanders. She also does most of our data entry and email correspondence.

    Megan Stillwell

    Writing Team Leader

    Megan is a professional tutor and academic coach based in New Jersey. She is passionate about social services, animal rights, and food activism. She leads Women for Bernie's writing team and writes or edits most public content. Megan is also an administrator on the New Jersey Women for Bernie Sanders Facebook page.

    Molly Grover

    Outreach Team Leader

    Molly is a recent graduate of Smith College. She grew up in Vermont where Bernie has been in office for as long as she can remember. She currently lives in Ithaca, NY. Molly has done outreach work for non-profit organizations in the past and currently works as Outreach Director for Women for Bernie and a State Administrator of NY Women for Bernie.

    Jamika Holmes

    Tumblr Manager

    Jamika is currently a senior in high school in Yonkers, NY. She serves as Senior President and PTA Co-President while also maintaining membership in the National Honor Society. She would like to study and pursue a career in political science and public policy. She manages Women for Bernie's Tumblr account.

    Rachel Risely

    Volunteer Coordinator, Data Entry Associate, Email

    Rachel is a wife and mother in Seattle, WA. She is passionate about working with low-income children and advocating for Autism awareness. A long time supporter of progressive causes, this is her first time getting involved with a national political campaign. Rachel serves as a Volunteer Coordinator for Women for Bernie Sanders.

    Rose Blondin

    Reddit Manager

    Rose Blondin is an activist particularly interested in issues such as women's rights, health care, and student debt. She is active in her town government and excited to help on the national political scale. Rose Blondin is the manager of the Women for Bernie Sanders Reddit account.

    Caitlin Kinnnunen

    Former Tumblr Manager

    Caitlin Kinnnunen is excited to be joining the Women4Bernie team! This is her first time volunteering for a political party and she couldn't be happier to be supporting Bernie Sanders. She's an actress based out of NYC

  • Volunteers

    In addition to our core team we also have well over 100 amazing Facebook state page administrators who work tirelessly everyday to promote Bernie in their state through social media.

    There is also a growing number of on-the-ground outreach volunteers in every state and additional national social media helpers. Thank you to all of them for their amazing dedication!

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